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Connect Endlessly While you Golf, Surf or Veg On The Couch

Introducing the engagement ninja, for potential and current client social engagement. The name of the game today for business is “connecting socially” with those you want to do business with. The take can seem daunting if you do not have a weapon to keep “them” (future customers) interested. can set you potential customer and current customer engagement on fire. You can torch the competition by surrounding them socially using this world-class social-posting-scheduling-machine. lets you schedule future posts and organize multiple platforms in one spot for better insight/tracking to how your engagement efforts are performing.

This means you can sit down or have your designated teammate sit down and schedule several posts on several social platforms in less than 1 hour and have weeks of engaging post/content to keep today’s distracted consumer engaged all the way to becoming your newest customer.

Entrepreneur Tip:

Before you explode your social engagement, I would hit Youtube and search for “How To Use Hootsuite” and watch a few “How To” videos to get a better foundation for it’s unparalleled social power.

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Jason Palliser has trained real estate investors nationwide for over 13 years on investment financing strategies. Jason has delivered investment financing strategies trainings for leading national educational companies including Donald Trump University, Robert Kyosaki Events, Wealth Intelligence Academy, REI Conferences and many more real estate offices. He has been ranked of the Top 100 loan originators in the United States for closings per year, as noted by Mortgage Originator Magazine.

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