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Scheduling appointments via Email is soooo… 1999. Wake up to scheduled appointments hands free!

You know how valuable your times is and you know how cumbersome it can be to email back and forth to set money making appointments.  First you reach out to set an appointment. Then they respond with possible times while you are working on closing other business. Then you choose a time and wait for them to confirm it back. Geez.. I’m tired just typing this exchange out.

Here is one of my favorite tools to eliminate the time wasting back and forth just to get an appointment set. It is and it integrates with Google calendar as well if needed.

It allows you to invite a prospective biz appointment to view your calendar availability (real time) and allow them to pick a time that works for them and they know the date/time works for you. B-o-o-o-o-o-m… appt set. The tool also is polite enough to confirm that appointment is set with them and notify you hands-free that you just filled another spot to win business on your biz calendar.

My entrepreneur friends… now that is the way to be a 21st Century Modern Business. DON’T make it hard to do biz with you or get on your calendar. Be a modern and user friendly biz owner that rolls out the easy appt setting red-carpet for those who may need your products and services. And lastly, a beautiful byproduct of streamlining this process is that it also cleans up your email inbox as well.  That is a triple victory (Less email, easier appt scheduling & faster income potential)

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Jason Palliser has trained real estate investors nationwide for over 13 years on investment financing strategies. Jason has delivered investment financing strategies trainings for leading national educational companies including Donald Trump University, Robert Kyosaki Events, Wealth Intelligence Academy, REI Conferences and many more real estate offices. He has been ranked of the Top 100 loan originators in the United States for closings per year, as noted by Mortgage Originator Magazine.

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